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Friday, February 25, 2005

Horribly Hot + Freaking Assignments = NO Work Can Be Done!!

It's a really hot,hot day. With all those thick smoke enveloping the environment around me, I could hardly breathe, and it makes it soooo difficult to do my assignments!!!! Why weather so hot? Hot till I can't even have a decent napping time when I can afford it. :(( So sad... My PC lacks of one font that I like, weather too hot, assignments damn freaking nutty, my head is spinning, my lungs are not functioning properly, everything is just not right under this kind of hot,hot weather!

Hm...speaking of things going haywire, I feel like myself going nutty too. Don't know why, but just that, I can't seem to think straight. Is it due to the weather? Or is it just me? I think it's just plain old me, doing silly thinking again, can't blame the weather everytime I can't think straight, can I?


adrianming said...

it's freaking hottttttt.... burn baby burn!!! i cant watch my steps while heading back to hostel... the haze is freaking thick... and u can only drive 40kmph on highways... lol

plue-chan said...

yeah...darn kee siao hot!!!!!