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Sunday, February 27, 2005

It's Not Raining...But The Breeze Is Nice...

It's not raining here, like I hope it would. It beens a long long time since I have ever heard of the raindrops falling on the window panes. The wind is nice and cooling, somehow reminds me of the rainy days I had back when I was having my second sem holiday break. And not to mention, the tears I had during that time... or some where around that time frame.

Premier is nice I guess, when the editing results are done, gosh, I am amazed with what I can do,without much training, that is. What if I had been slightly more hardworking? Would the outcome been better? Hurm...I guess so. But can't do anything much, always racing with limited time frame now. Life works that way, I suppose. :D

Weather now reminds me of a lot of things. Sad and happy memories I always keep inside of me. Some are deep down withing me, while some are just on the surface of my mind. Some things...are just meant to be kept and never to see the light again,I think, while some must always be remembered throughout the whole course of life, whether you like it or not.

Doing the music teaser on Final Fantasy X makes me wanna cry. Reminds me when I was playing the game. Not that I purposely wanna let my tears out, just that the scene...well...somehow is dear to me. Memories that got entangled between the game and my life...sort of just entwined themselves together. It does seem odd, when one is just a game and another is in reality, which is me. But somehow, it just ...well, it's just in my life. It's just in me. Somehow, I wish I could explain..but some things are left unexplained better...

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