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Saturday, February 26, 2005


Finally can online again! So happy! It feels so nice to be able to go online again. Life in campus is so boring without the network working. No entertainment or whatsoever... yesterday night was a long one, because network was down. :(( A sad sad night. Somemore I wanted to watch Bleach, but was missing episode 19, and I can't download! I was so upset that time! But now, everything has been resumed to normal I can do everything that I want! I mean, do the things I wanna do online la... hahaha.. :D

Now it's time to do those frigging assignments already... Premier is somehow nice...but I still like doing Photoshop assignments better. :P Argh...editting those mp3 and the videos take me almost 3 hours... damn...Photoshop is so much nicer...I wanna go back to sem 2...Life back then was so much more relaxing... :D But I thank god that I don't have any MDF to do this weekend...kekeke... *RelaX* kekeke... :D

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