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Friday, February 25, 2005

Summer Breeze....

Just finish cleaning my clothes. It feels so great to touch running water that is as cool as ice. *WinKs* Not that the pipe water water is really cold, but the difference between the hot and sunny weather and ice cold water is so BIG that you can't just help feeling that the pipe water is icy cold.

Talking about differences, I notice some difference in myself before and after starting university life. Don't know why, perhaps it's the people I mix with, they somehow influence me BIG time. Time seems to fly in university, and now I am no more just in pre-uni, gonna step into degree year soon. No longer a freshman. Time to have a bunch of juniors under me. Hahaha... growing old, i think. :D

People around me have been nice to me, especially those from the society that I joined. I learnt a lot and it all seems to make a difference in my life. The people I know, some are graduating soon, while some will be staying around for another year, and then it would be time for them to bid goodbye. I will be missing them loads, since I have grown to know them and to love them as my big brothers and sisters. They are all great friends to me, helping to shape me up to who I am now. Although I don't really know them that long, but it feels like we are a big family, working together and having nice moments together. When they leave, don't know will I have that same feeling again should I stay in the same society.

Those are only people I know during the 3 semester in pre-uni life. I haven't touch on people that have walk into the past 18 years of my life... ooops, let me change that statement, should be the past 19 years of my life. *GigglEs* They have touched my life too, in a way, some of them brought summer breeze to my life, while some of them left a hole in my heart. Is it because I have asked too much, or is it because I didn't really appreciate what they have done for me, that's why I see them burning a hole in my heart? I don't know. Time has passed too long for me to uncover those little memories I have stacked somewhere inside my head. :P Well, guess I will just appreciate my friends more now,instead of asking too much from them, perhaps, the holes inside me can be covered up properly again...

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