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Monday, March 07, 2005

Back Due To Popular Demand! :P

Hello peeps! I am back due to popular demand! Cheh~ like as if there's lots of people reading my blog... hahaha.. :D It's been three days since my last blog, if I am not mistaken. Well it's time to get my brain juices flowing and start typing!

Let's see what have I done for the weekend. I went out with my family, went shopping with them to be exact, but didn't buy anything except necessary items. Sad, sad case... Nothing there that can attract me and make me buy... sigh... Anyway, I am happy to see my parents, I don't get to see them that often, 'cause I don't go home unless it's sem break. Speaking of sem break, it's gonna start soon, which is just in another 1 1/2 months time. Sigh...time to see those people graduating.

Another 4 more final submission and one mini submission this wednesday, I am good to go! Sem break and then apply to become OC for the next intake. It's payback time! That is I am selected as one of the OCs la... [-O<... (ym smilie...thos who use ym sure know what it is...hehehe...>:))

Life as an FCM-mer is good when it comes to finals, but it's never a good life for us when it's normal schooling time. Always assignments here and there, not much time off also. Haiz... :-< ... but it has been enjoyable, erm...sometimes. Not all the times. Most of the time it's a frustrated time period more than an enjoyable time period. :D

1 am sharp, it time for bed? Or should I stay up for a while more? Sleep is precious. Better sleep la. Later want to sleep also got no time. Hehehe... assignments are a major sleep killer! So farewell my friends, we shall meet again... I mean in my blogs la. Not meeting me in person, of course. Hahaha... I will be back... soon enough. So in the mean time, enjoy life and don't miss my blogs!

*(Mumbling to myself) as though my blogs are really that good and got people that actually reads it...*

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