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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Can You Believe This?

It rained the whole day today! OMG! It's a miracle! Can you believe it? It rained one whole day non stop! Oh dear... I'm over excited. Guess it's been too long since it has ever rained like this. :D

Today's weather has been so beautiful that I just can't resist sleeping. Man... don't think tonight will be able to sleep, since I have slept too much in the afternoon! :P I am so energetic now! Wakakaka *GigglEs*

Darn, I think I still need to work on my report. Need to hand in to my friend as soon as possible. Presentation on Monday and then one assignment down! Yippee! But then, MDF is still there. As long as MDF exist, I can never rest in peace. Ugh, wait, let me change the "rest in peace" to "sleep in peace". Hehehehe...

Think I have made up my mind to change into FOM, no more a FCM-mer. Can't stand it. Only MDF I think. The rest, well, I am okay with it. Just not MDF. It's so frustrating!

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