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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Flash Done! And Here Comes The Last Few "Attacks"!

Finally finish Flash. It's not one of the worse kind of things, but can be managed. Thank god! *PheW* Thank you so much to Ei Kai!! You saved my day from Flash attack! Hahaha... :)) And also thank you so much to Eng Lip, you help me lots in my CGs. :D Thanks! Love ya guys! *MuaKs*

Now time to proceed on to my next few assignments. First would be DF (horrible assignment), then English and last would be MLE. I can't stand DF, seriously. But then, I love animation so much. But I wouldn't mind drawing and sketching for FA though. :D

English, reports. A bit boring, but easier to manage. Don't know why. Perhaps it is just what I am good in, I think.

MLE. No idea about what we are suppose to do. Although we have done the presentation, but it was really a last minute work. So last minute that I don't know how did we manage to pull it off. Gosh, I hope we scored an okay mark. :)

By the way, I forgot something real BIG! Happy Belated Birthday Ei Kai! Sorry for taking up your time yesterday night. Really wanna give you a big big hug for the help yesterday night. :D *HuGs*

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