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Saturday, March 26, 2005


Watched a movie called Hitch today. A hillarious show, but some of them make sense in reality. Lots of "great" advices to men out there, if anyone of managed to pick them up. Some of them are quite true, but well for some, it differs from one lady to another. :P Almost 80% of it can be used in getting the dream girl of yours, so don't worry if you really use it. It should work alright. :P No gurantees though, since girls also watched this movie, so they might have known your trick. Hahaha... Anyway, good luck to the guys who are trying their luck in pursuing their girl! *WinKs*

Still early, don't know whether I want to play with my "pets" or not. Hehehe. Think I should check on friendster and also my "pets". Miss doing surveys (although I post them nearly everyday!*GigglEs*) and also my dear "pets". :P

P/S: Hitch is a must watch! It's really nice. Go to the cinema and watch it today! :P Damn... I sound like I am some promoter for this movie. Hahaha... *LaugHs*

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