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Monday, March 21, 2005

I Shouldn't Be Doing This...But...

It's a busy day for me. A darn busy one too. Shouldn't be doing any posting now, but, man... I can't stand FLash. Worse than doing Premier. Submission date is due this Wednesday, and what am I doing? Relaxing, I suppose.

Darn... I am not in the mood to talk. Stupid list make me feel down. I am not in the list. Man, a big dissapointment. I shouldn't be sad or upset about it right? Small matter right? But I just hate the feeling of being left out. Don't know how to express the feeling using words. Way too hard.

I guess, I am not as good as I thought that I could be. Well, time to get myself really improved this time! Hopefully....

1 comment:

zero said...

haa....haven't done flash also...>_<

and umm...feel sorry for the list thingy >__<

not like i'm any better though *sigh*