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Friday, March 04, 2005

Just feel like writing...

Just felt like writing some stuff. I watched my long awaited Bleach and an old anime, Cooking Master Boy, downloaded some new wallpapers,went for consultation and midterm, replied mails and messages, chatted online, what else did I do huh? I think that's about all, for now. :P Sigh, it's a Friday and I don't feel like it's a Friday at all! Wonder why? Perhaps it's the weather or because of my mood? Or is it just me? idea. So don't ask me. I can't tell you either, why not you figure it out for me? :P

Ah... having some problems in friendster. Seems like got some dude is harrassing people over messages in freindster. Worse thing to know is that he's a friend of my childhood friend, which is in my contact list. Nutty guy, harassing people like that. GOsh, I hope nothing bad will happen to other people. It's scary. World outside is cruel, don't you think?

I feel like walking in the rain now. To wash off the miseries in life. To wash off the sins that I have committed in my life. To clear away the dark clouds that have been hovering over my head for ages. So many things to do, yet I am blessed with so little time. Haha...everyone got the same time frame as I do, so why am I complaining? Silly me.'s coming to 2pm now. Need to eat. Hungry. But what's there to eat in campus? I wonder. :P

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