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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Video Teaser...A Failure?

Finally, my CG is done. But, it's not a really successful one. My senior and I put in lots of effort in editting a whole 6 FMVs from Final Fantasy X, and not to mention editting LeAnn Rimes's How Do I Live mp3. I think it's a nice clip, after all, my senior and I did it together. (Thanks Eng Lip)*SmiLes* Sadly, when it comes to exporting it, it's not successful. Sigh...

Stop with the sad stuff. Let's see, what else is there to write. Oh yeah, I had been busy for the last few days. What did I huh? Let me think. I attended 2 courses in a day, and mind you, it was on a Sunday!!! And the worst thing is I had to take 2 exams on the day itself!!! Crazy right? 2 courses and exams conducted on a Sunday, man, that was real nuts. Then there's assignment to submit, ehem, which is the video I had to make. What else? Oh, how can I forget about MDF? Well, I have finished my final sketch, all thanks to the ever-so-lovely Eyes On Me by Faye Wong.The song and it's lovely opening inspired me to draw my stuff. :D

Signed up on another FF forum again. Saw a thread about animes and stuff related to it. Inside there were threads of old and new animes, some which I have seen and some which I have not. All fond and sad memories from various animes flood my mind. :D Seems like I have watch quite a number of animes, and all of them left quite an impresion. Ah... I really want to watch animes... but time doesn't permit me to do so... sigh... :(

Ah...who cares. Need to re-arrange my time, I think. :P Cannot affford to waste time doing too many little things. Hahaha... maybe I should really study managment, teach me to arrange my time better than taking FCM, which kills all my time management! :P

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