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Monday, March 07, 2005

Windy night

It's a windy night. Cold wind blowing. Makes me shiver all over. It would be nice to slip into bed with a nice and cosy comforter, drink something hot and then go to bed. Sure would be nice. Too bad, I don't have my comforter over here. Sigh.. :-<

It didn't rain, instead the wind just kept blowing. Sure nice if there's a big grassy meadow with lots of colourful wild flowers blooming and the wind runs past them. Flower petals all will be flying here and there, decorating the blue, blue sky. A song played on the piano could be heard throughout the whole meadow. Wouldn't it be nice if this were real? Man... I would love to have this. So calm, so serene, so quiet. But inside of this calmness, it's really beautiful. The beauty of a quiet meadow, ah....fresh and soothing.

But that will always remain as a dream... A dream will alway be a dream.... :)

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