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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

World Shaking!

Oo... I didn't have the chance to feel the tremors of the 8.2 earthquake that happen in some part of Indonesia. Too bad. Was out having my FIRST meal of the day. Sigh... what to do? Sleep late and wake up late is like that lo... :P Seems like it caused quite a ruckus when actually there's nothing much to worry about, in fact, I am more worried about my submission that's gonna due on Wednesday than having earthquake in Malaysia! Don't understand those people that just keep forwarding stupid messages around YM. Too boring is it? Get a life, man. Don't spam people's message box with ridiculous things like that. Haiz... wonder what happen to the intelligence of human? God must be real sad to see that the intelligence He gave us is no more functioning. :P Oh dear, what am I crapping about? Oh my god! It's already 4.42 am! No wonder I am crapping. Signs of weariness and blurness do show, I think. Better snooze now. Still wanna get up early and finish off MDF before my little gathering with "family members". :P


Yong Ying Jie Jie said...

Dear lovely mui mui,

Feeling of a tremors of 8.2 earthquake is not a happy thing that we had experienced, but is a very sad thing. Just imagine, just within a minute, more than 400 ppl confirmed dead in the earthquake (according to 30th Mac The Star newspaper). Though it is not happen in M'sia, it is still human lives, rite? Human intelligence is not only for studies, we have to concern all the ppl around and show sympathy to the unfortunate ppl. So, pray for them but not laugh other ppl stupid for forwarding the mess ya! By the way, the earthquake is at south-west coast of sumatra island lohh.... :p ( Don't angry ya, just for ur own good loh!!!)

Yong Ying said...

One more thing....the mp3 is nicer than last time. Good work ! Cheers~~!!! :)

plue-chan said...

it's not those REAL messages that I said is stupid, it's those real silly like MMU is gonna give us all our degree because of the earthquake and bla bla bla... That's silly I think. Other than that, I do feel pitiful for those who has been injured or died because of the earthquake.