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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

3 Days Break!!

Yay!! 3 days break from exams!! Cool! Love this! Feels like I am already on vacation. Bad bad sign man... but anyway... I can never reject holidays. :P They are so very needed!!!

Thank god I didn't waste my time studying PageMaker, or I will strangle myself to death, because there was no question from it!!!! Lucky I did study Premier, manage to answer some of them right. Thank god for the existence of past year papers! Muahaha! *EviL LaughteR*

Slow internet connection in campus. See the moving rate also sien. Haiz. :-< Wait till I get home and format my PC!!! Here can't even do a decent Norton LiveUpdate. Haiz. Need to clean all the darn window registry in my pc. Hehehe... :D

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