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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

MLE! I MUST Shoot You Down!

Time to prepare for my very last alpha battle, the MLE war! 20% finals, 80% coursework!!! Can you believe that?? My MLE assignments are only 3, if I am not mistaken, so where the hell comes in 80%? Attendance?? Although finals is only 20%, most people think we don't need to study so much. But this perception is wrong! Totally WRONG! There's plenty to study, although pretty much of them are just common sense. Sigh, but how much can commone sense help you to score?? Evil lecturers... *SoB SoB*

Nevermind, once this war is over, I am going home! That's something to be happy of, right? Just wait till I get a letter from ERU stating that I need to sit for supplementary exam, then shall I cry then. But for now, don't worry,be happy... Lame quote to console myself... but better than nothing, eh? :P

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