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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Episode Complete!

I'm in my last chapter... time to get all episode complete! Sigh, but I got a strong feeling I won't get the Mascot dressphere, because I don't think I can get all EpCom. The Mi'ihen EpCom isn't completed, I think, because I blamed Rin for being the culprit. Although I scored the Gippal's Sphere, but sacrificing my completion percentage is way too much!! If I have known this, I would have not completed the Mt Gagazet mission in stopping Garik from launching an attack towards the Guados, then I would have scored the best accessories in the game, which is the Key To Success!!!Everything double up, from EXP to the potency of recovery items!!! Argh!!! Sometimes, this game is just so dumb!!!! But I still enjoyed playing it.. :P

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