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Friday, June 10, 2005

Missing You...

It's a Friday. After this day, I will be on my way back to campus again. I will miss a lot of things. Let's see...

1. My dad's cooking! Although he doesn't really cook that often! It makes the occasional cooking so much more tasty! Hoho... *Winking her eyes*
2. The Astro
3. StreamyX (although campus also got, but it isn't as fast as the one at home, hehe...),
4. My parent's constant nagging
5. My sister's laughter
6. The delicious breakfast/ lunch/ tea/ dinner/ supper that my dad provide us
7. My dad's sarcastic ways of joking and making fun of me
8. My mom's constant complains and such
9. The comfort of air con
10. The comfort of being in my very own house and room!!

Ah... nothing beats the comfort of your very own bed, room and house! After all, I grew up there. Hehe...

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