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Thursday, July 28, 2005

My So Called Mid Term Break

Sorry peeps. No pictures available yet. Because they sucks. I am gonna polish my skills during the holidays. Gonna snap some pictures in Genting and Malacca. Hopefully I get good views. :P If not, not pictures will be posted up. Not for the time being anyway. Ehehehe...

Actually I am now in the lab, having my scripting language class. Listening to the briefing for my second assignment, which is to produce a MTV, done in Flash, 100%. And I get only 1 week to finish this MTV! And I have another one more assignment which I have to pass up after the break also. Sigh... So called mid term break. I'll be just busy like any other normal days. And not forget to mention I need to design the multipurpose banner and the society board for ITSoc. Loads of things to do.

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