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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Work and work and work...

Finally, I am done with all the annoying paperwork. Now I am no longer doing design, but instead doing management stuff. :) I hope things will work out the way I want it to be.

Oh well, time to get back to my society board work. Tomorrow's the AGM and ice breaking. Need to finish this up! :D


Eire said...


I was wandering through the blogs that appear by clicking the "next blog" button and I came across yours. I like it. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

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plue-chan said...

thanks! stop by again someday :D

Anonymous said...

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plue-chan said...

oh... thanks for reading! i'd love to see ur blog one day!

Wai Keat said...

hello... thanks for the mp3..

and i know why all is all these anonymous post.. ur title work.. attract them :p

plue-chan said...

perhaps... who knows?