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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Crazy me...

What am I doing at 4.45am in the morning? Crazy me...


Keshi said...

hey midnight_plue,

I wonder if u eva thought of getting rid of anonymous comments or disabling em altogether?

U dun get any respectable anonymous comments- and all these spammers are disrespecting almost all of ur friends here...but u continue to provide a platform of entertainment for them here - why? d u enjoy their comments too??

Just a's totally up to u if u wanna keep it enabled but I dun see why u have it enabled...not that I get affected by this gutter spam people anyway, but just that I wanna believe that u dun want to be an entertainer for them either!

check out MY blog. I dont allow anonymous losers to comment like you do


plue-chan said...

thanks for ur little tip there, but i dun get annoyed or anything. At least I know, someone did read my blog. And honestly, i dun see them disrespecting any of my friends. Anyway, thanks for the concern.