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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

KoTR Rocks!!!! Muahahaha~

Finally I have finished my Final Fantasy VII game. Sephiroth is so easy to beat, compared to Ruby and Emerald Weapon. I failed twice when I tried to defeat Ruby and failed once when I tried to beat Emerald. Finally I found one strategy that let me beat Ruby with much ease. I use Cloud, Yuffie and Vincent with Apocalypse, Rising Sun and Buntline for weapons and Rune Armlets for armor. Sprint Shoes or Ribbons as accessories. Materias are W-Item, W-Summon, Knights of The Round, Hades and Mime. Cloud summoned Hades first and then KoTR. This was done in order to stop Ruby first, if not it will retaliate with Ultima. Cloud was dealing around 97500 of damage, Yuffie deals around 78000 while Vincent deals around 79300 of damage. That's one Mime cycle. It took me 3 Mime cycles and one final casting of KoTR from Cloud to kill of the beast without making me dead, not even once. Thanks to Hades for the Stop status. I put in other miscellaneous materias into empty slots just to benefit from the vast amount of AP that's being offered by Ruby. Hehe... Wicked...

Emerald's next. Emerald's much easier. By the time I attempt to beat Emerald, I have already mastered everything. Equipments changed this time. For Cloud, I used Ultima Weapon and Rune Armlet. I used Conformer and Mystile for Yuffie. And for Vincent, I used his Death Penalty and Rune Armlet. Accessories used are Sprint Shoes. Materias being used are Master Summon=MP Turbo, W-Item, KoTR, W-Summon, Magic Plus, HP Plus, Mime, Cover and loads of Counter Attacks. Master Summon=MP Turbo, W-Summon, W-Item, Magic Plus, HP Plus and Mime are on Cloud. Cover, Counter Attacks and Mime are on Yuffie. KoTR, W-Item, W-Summon, Magic Plus, HP Plus and Mime are on Vincent. Emerald attack first hand, so Yuffie counter attack 8 times. Then Cloud start casting KoTR twice and Vincent mime it. Yuffie did nothing much except for counterattacking and healing when neccessary. Cloud and Vincent was dealing 259974++ of damage while Yuffie by just counterattacking, she dealt 159984++ of damage. By the way, in between the Mime cycle, Emerald only attacked Cloud and the party once, that's when Yuffie counterattack it the second time and used a Megalixir to heal the whole party. Then KoTR is being W-Summoned again and is Mime for 2 or 3 times. And then that's it, Emerald's dead! The time that is used to beat Emerald is way much shorter than beating Ruby. Hehe... And one more thing, don't forget to equip the Underwater materia to eliminate the 30 minute timer. :)

And by the time these 2 Weapons are defeated, beating Sephiroth is just a breeze. Maybe, just maybe, I'll play the game again... Hehe...


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