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Monday, October 03, 2005

A Long One

It's been almost a week since I have come back home. Everyday online and chat, then download animes and OSTs, check my mails, listen to songs, play my FF games, visit a few friends, have tea with my dad... and that's about it. Life's darn boring. But I guess I welcome the boring-ness. At least I am at my own home. Seeing people that I seldom see. Before I started my university's life, I have always complained about no freedom and everything. Now I have got quite a bit of freedom, but I am so used to the days where I am considered as a prisoner in my own house. All those rules, like must be back home by 12 midnight, no phone calls after 11pm, no outings late at night, no night outings during week nights... the list goes on and on. There were days when I wished I can do all that I mention, but sadly now I don't. Even now my dad worry that I don't socialise with my hometown friends already, and always ask me to go see them and have a drink with them once a while. He seldom let me do that when I was still in school. I guess he's finally loosen up and accepted the fact that I will never always be under his wings.

Gosh, this is getting kinda long winded, isn't it? Time to stop. Adios people!

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