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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Yes! Last Disc!

Long time didn't update this blog of mine already. Been busy playing with Final Fantasy VII. I replayed it just because for fun... I'm in the last disc now, got all those secret materias from those caves, which means I have got my GOLD Chocobo~ hehe... she's INVINCIBLE when it comes to chocobo racing! All I need now is the Counter Materia from the chocobo racing gift~ Haven got all the characters into level 99 yet, but I really really don't like using any other characters other than Cloud *obviously*, Yuffie and Vincent. The other characters, well, I just don't like them, except for Aeries/ Aerith. She's the best when it comes to magic, otherwise I just rely on Vincent to handle the magic stuff. Hehe... Ok, I think I am a bit crappy here. But the game is so darn addicitive! I used to dislike this game, but now it isn't so bad afterall. Hehe...

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