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Monday, November 28, 2005

Back from Camp!

Finally DRRO camp is over. Tired but enjoyed it. Although not every part is enjoyable, but it certainly brings some life back to my otherwise very routined life.

Lots of clothes to wash. The body now needs some serious sleep which I couldn't give, because got work and classes to attend to. My legs got a leech bite and some mosquitoe bites, but nothing serious. Oh, maybe you can count in the blister on my toes.

Jungle trekking isn't really fun, because it's tiring and leeches are EVERYWHERE! Steep and slippery steps can kill anyone who wore a pair of shoes that don't have enough grip or who aren't careful. But one of the best part is that the waterfall that we encounter during our journey is beautiful. The water was cooling. It was superb!

Gotta stop writing for now. Need to get ready for my class. Stupid Moral class!!!!

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