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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Feel Like An Idiot Today

I feel like an idiot today. I went into the wrong class. Maybe becasue I am quite tensed up. It's my first 8am class and I have no friends to start off with. But thank god, I found someone I know there. I mistook someone else for my friend, and the worst part is I said, "Hey, don't you remember me?" No wonder she gave me a funny look, a look that clearly says "Hey, I really don't remember you, because I don't know you!" That's bad, right? The next is my credit transfer of 3 subjects. I credit transfer my MUET results yesterday and it's updated in my student info credit transfer list. Then when I check for my 3 subjects that I credit transfer last semster,it is NOT updated in my student info credit transfer list!!!! This is so stupid right? Why is yesterday's work being updated but not last semester? Man, this is just so frustrating!!!!!

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