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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It Was A Blast!

A gathering among the FCM Betarians. I was once a FCM Betarian too. Not anymore now, but still, they see me as a part of them. Man, am I happy! My ex-coursemates are so sweet!!! Today is Shane's birthday, we celebrated for him, Tzeh Pin and mine too. Tzeh Pin and mine are belated birthdays. Hehe... nice of them to remember and help me celebrate a belated one~ I am so touched! Everything was simple, but the dance was a BLAST! Never had I been shaking my whole body with friends like this before. My very first time. I am usually too shy to do that. But not today. Don't know why. I suddenly feel like as though I am not in FOM, but still as a member of the FCM Betarians. Hehe... I was the FOM among the FCMs, but now I think I am the FCM among the FOMs... Weird huh?

Anyway, I am looking forward to another great gathering like this. I have never regretted the decision of changing my faculty to FOM, but I do miss the crazy and wacky days of being in FCM. It's life. And I think maybe I can enjoy the both worlds. The excitement of being with the FCM-mers but without the workload of an FCM-mer, while being in a stable and predictable life in FOM, and a much lighter workload to work with in FOM. I guess my life is exciting but stable. A good combo, I think. Hehe...

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