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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thank You!!

It's been a week since my 19th birthday. Many people remembered it. I am so touched. Before I went to university, not many people remembers my birthday as my birthday always falls during the year end school holidays. Only one or two remembers, but more often than not people just forget. So birthday wishes became a delicacy to me. This year is rather special for me because this is the first year I spend my birthday away from home. This year's birthday I celebrated with someone special, someone who means a lot to me *you know who you are*, although he didn't buy me anything special *he gave me a watch as a present* or did he do anything special on that day, but the thought of him being there near is just good enough for me. I didn't recieve a lot of presents, but it didn't really matter to me. As long as my friends remembers my birthday, a birthday wish will suffice. It's the thought that matters. Just want to thank those who remembered my birthday. It really made my day. Thank you!!!!


Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday ya...roberto

plue-chan said...

thank u o!