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Monday, November 21, 2005

Time To Get My Butt Moving!

Finally I am free from the days of diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Mild food poisoning, the term seems so simple but yet so... TORTURING!! I haven't been eating and sleeping right for the past week. Nothing has been right, to be exact. You won't understand how tormenting it is, a mixed feeling of anxiety, sadness, anger, missing someone and frustrations all at one shot. Oh well, things are okay now. I am recovering and my busy life is resuming already. I am now settled down for my second semester of Beta year and I hope it will be smooth sailing until I graduate in the year 2008.

That's for the past week. Today, erm I mean yesterday, I went on a little item hunting. Hehe... Nothing works like the wonders of retail theraphy. Well, some people buy clothes and more clothes to heal themselves while I just grab whatever I like, of course it's within my means. Hehe... For now, earrings are on my top list. You know, those Bohemian style earrings, I really love them! Nice to wear and ever so versatile. A good piece can bring you anywhere, from casual to glamour! Hehe... That's what I think. Other than earrings, my other need to have item is the scarf. Yeah, Malaysia's a pretty hot place, why bother wearing one? Well, I just love them. I don't wear them during normal days, only during outings where I spend a LONG, LONG time in air condition places ONLY. In my crazy list there's also lip glosses and nail colours. I just so love them. Muahahahaha~ Call me crazy, but a girl(me) just so need them. Eye shadows are great too, but I have so many colours and I haven't use all of them yet, some are still new in their packaging. Hehe... Mascaras, I don't think I can live without them now. They are such great items!!! I'll need them to open up my tiny, little peepers. Guess I'll be wearing them to classes everyday then... Muahahaha~ I am now so dying to get a good pair of jeans. Nice jeans are so hard to come by~ Sigh...

Oh yeah, I think I want to start jogging soon. Anyone cares to join? Hehe... It's all because of the "I-want-be-a-pretty-girl" part is screaming inside of me, LOUD and CLEAR. Hehe... Time to get my butt moving!

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