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Monday, December 12, 2005


Today learned "Cho Dai Dee". Finally. After so many years, I finally know how to play it. Wahahaha... this CNY can start playing? Maybe? Hehehe... I am not much of a gambler though. Just for the fun of it. I prefer the "Challenges" mode. Making the one who lose to do some funny acts. Oh man, I had so much punshiment! First one is to jump into the pool with Neesa and Brian. Then had to play with Tzeh Pin's hair. After that my face was painted in white and blue acrylic. Finally, I had to kiss Jason's ass!!!! OMG!!! Crazy sial! But was quite funny. Had a good laugh. I need some good laughs once a while. Hehehehe... Maybe will play again? I guess.

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