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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Miss...

Finally finish my CyberP assignment. Thank god! I also found my articles for BMG. Lucky me~ All I need to do now is to review them then everything is settled already. Thank god man!

The house is a bit quiet today. The people aren't playing Tekken or the "Bully" game. Instead they are all so energetic in producing their art stuff for the Art Market next week. Haven't seen them being so hardworking though. It changed a little of my perception towards them.

Friendly and straight forward people. Add in some humour and some wicked jokes, they are what I now call my group of friends. People that I see almost everyday. I never was close with them until I left FCM. I have never regret the decision of changing my faculty. But i regret leaving my good friends in FCM behind. I miss them~

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Law aka Roger jr. aka Xiao Yu said...

HUA HUA HUA! bring on JULIA! my law is always ready for u