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Thursday, December 29, 2005

This Is Me

This is what people says about me...

*u have nice eyes*
*ur sweet*
*ur cute*
*ur pretty*
*ur nice*
*ur hardworking*
*ur fun to be with*
bla bla bla...

but the truth is...

*no i dun have nice eyes*
*no i am not sweet*
*no i am not cute*
*no i am not pretty*
*no i am not hardworking*
*no i am not nice*
*no i am not fun to be with*
and what so ever that ur thinking...
cuz u only know me on the surface...
and not from deep within...

now this is me...

+drinking iced and sweet drinks
+teh o ais
+ice lemon tea
+ribena/papina [me and my sis call ribena like this at home >:)]
+strawberry sundae
+fairies, angels and wings
+colours, especially shades of purple!!! *i'm so in love with it!!!*
+going out
+being with friends
+my friends
+the good things in life
+eye shadows
+lip glosses
+my PC
+my baby pillow
+my hair
+to online
+Joseph Cheng

i love myself, but i hate myself more.
i am still in pieces.
i haven't found all the missing pieces yet.
trying my very best to handle the stress, pressure and dissapointment in life with a positive attitude.
trying to fix my quick temper.
trying my best to be perfect in everyway that i could.
trying to find that special someone just for myself.
trying not to have tears in my eyes anymore, but to live with a smile.

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