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Monday, January 02, 2006

The Colour Purple

Part 2 continues today. Today's the second day of the new year. I'm sick. Bad way to start the new year huh? Oh well, my new year's resolution is to get myself admitted into the hospital!! Cool huh? Muahahaha!

Let's stop talking about my new year's resolution. Today did the stupid course registration. I was lucky. Manage to get the time slots that I want. Thursday no class. Friday only one class from 8am to 10am. Which means NO CLASS also!!! Hurray!!! I can consider myself as having 4 days off. Muahahaha!

What did I do on New Year's Eve? Hurm... It was a friend's birthday. So me and a few friends went to her place to celebrate her birthday. Then we left early as I wasn't feeling too well. BBQ isn't the thing for someone who's having fever + sore throat + cough + flu. Then we went to another friend's house and watch one of Steven Spielberg's early movie,The Colour Purple. It was a nice movie. So very touching. Nearly made me cry. :)

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