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Monday, January 16, 2006

Home... At Last

Finally back at home. Done some shopping. Went insane with buying stuffs. Bought a tee from Romp, purple colour nail polish, a tee from PDI and a newsboy cap from Fourskin. Cut my hair today. I got various reactions.

dookey-sama: you look *soh*.
p-chan: the first though that crossed my mind is that why have you turned ugly?
moley-head: it look nice on you. Look young and fresh.
owen: looks ok. but I prefer your old hairstyle.
cosmoplayboy: looks like a lion to me.
kasparoz: you look nicer la... but I am prefer you having long hair at the beack, maybe because I'm not used to seeing the back so short. you look very *ceria* in this hairstyle.

p.s: names have been changed to protect their identities. If you know who they are or if you're reading this post, just shut up and pretend that you don't know!

By the way, I am not going to upload my new hairstyle picture. There's a reason and please don't ask me why. I doubt that I'm ever gonna tell you.


Anyway, I had BIG problems coming back home. One thing is, the car was FULL!!! My 2 younger sisters came with luggage, so not much place left. Then my mom also brought along a luggage. Damn heavy some more. Where's my dad and what are they doing with their luggages? My dad's stuff is in my mom's luggage and they stayed overnight at my uncle's rented apartment before picking me up from Cyber. With my own luggage and PC and other miscellaneous stuff, well, the car have no place at all! But I still manage to do some shopping~ Wahahahaha!!! Anything goes for shopping!

Lunch was McD's Chicken Prosperity Burger. Then stopped a while at some mall for my sister *shopping to be exact*, then off we go. 4.30pm reached home. 5pm sharp went out with my dearest daddy for a spin around town. So dead. It was a Sunday, I forgot. Then we had tea at the *pisang goreng* shop. Yummy! Then went home. Then had my hair cut and the rest are history~

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