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Friday, January 20, 2006

I Want To Go To Penang!!!

I want to go to Penang. But how to go? Timing not right. Haiz... :-< Another friend and I made a silly plan like this.

me: i can't go penang~!!!
friend: u really plan wan go penang meh??
me: yala
me: go with my friends on 1st Feb

friend: ooo
me: then come back on 3rd Feb
me: :((
me: can't go
me: :(( i wan go

friend: :>
friend: ur papa sure not allow la

me: he allow la
friend: then??
me: but time not ngam la
friend: y??
me: i come back on 31st Jan
me: then have to send me out to kl again to take bus down to penang
me: then my pc all how???
me: wen to send back to cyber wor?

friend: mean u come back frm mlk on 31 jan...
friend: then if u go penang
friend: 3 feb terus back cyber??

me: ya
friend: ooo
me: :-<
friend: then next time only go lo
me: :((
friend: dun cry la
friend: sure got chance 1...

me: :((
friend: then u can put ur pc here 1st mah
me: but my papa v v tired nia
me: come back on 31st Jan
me: then send me out to kl take bus again on 1st Feb
me: siao meh?

friend: 31st jan u stay here lo
friend: then 1st feb sendiri go bus station lo

me: but no electric la hostel
me: >_<

friend: ur uncle house ler??
me: damn far la from cyber
me: usj ler

friend: who ask u go cyber??
me: ya hor....
me: when i go back to melaka...
me: stop by at my uncle's hse
me: put my pc and speaker and printer there first
me: then 3rd Feb go back to my uncle's place and stay
me: but how i wan go back to cyber????

friend: ur uncle cant fetch u meh??
me: he not around
me: :(
me: he go back kuantan

friend: ooo
friend: whole family ah??

me: ya i think so la
friend: ooo
friend: then 31st jan u go there mah alone lo??

me: ya shud be
friend: ooo
friend: then boh bian lo...
friend: u only got 1 uncle here meh??

me: the other wan kat pj
me: dowan go there
me: go there sure my cousin touch this and that wan

friend: ooo
friend: then boh bian lo...

me: :(( kenot go la
friend: u go wif cyber fren??
friend: u not goin to take bus alone rite??

me: go with cyber friends
me: no la
me: dun think so

friend: ooo
friend: nvm la...
friend: go next time lo...

Haiz... conclusion = NOT GOING!

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