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Saturday, January 07, 2006

My First

Bought my very first mini skirt. Denim. From Romp in Sunway. RM55.90. On 6th January 2006. My first time wearing mini skirt. Today in One U. Bought my second mini skirt. From Romp also. RM45.60. I wore a cap today too. :D Friends said I look nice in it. Someone said I look pretty, hot and sexy in it. I hope it is true and my friends aren't telling me sweet lies. I rather listen to the hurtful truth than sweet lies.

I guess maybe mingling around with future-designers-students too much has been influencing me in the way I dress up. I am very very casual when I want to be casual. I am very very dressy if I have the mood to dress myself up. Hehehe... But usually I am just too darn lazy. :P

That concludes today's activity. By the way, Pride and Prejudice maybe nice, but today got no mood to watch it. So it becomes boring to me. And why Shanker is so moody today? :-? *Putting my thinking cap on*

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