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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Not A Better One For Me

Today is a sad day. Because I won't be recieving any payment from PTPTN. Why? You ask me why? Because I don't have any results for my last semester. Without results from the first semester, I won't get any payment from them until I produce with them results for third semester. By the way, they only will pay me IF my results for 1st and 3rd semester CGPA is above 2.0. Which means they don't care about 2nd semester's results! Dang! I hate this kind of stuff!

Every semester I need to worry about at least one thing.

Let me count.

1st sem: Worry about not passing MDF
2nd sem: Worry about not passing MDF + personal problem
3rd sem: Worry about not having enough money to pay tution fees!!! Because PTPTN didn't give me enough!!!

1st sem: Worry about not passing MDP.
Worry about faculty changing problem + finance problem (After midterm break)
2nd sem: Worry about PTPTN... again!!!
3rd sem: worry about not having friends (coursemate all register different timeslots as there was no more space for the timeslot I register.)

What can I do? Can't do anything. Just smile and move on with life. Who said that the new year will always be a better one? It is definitely not a better one for me.

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