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Saturday, January 21, 2006

People Person? Am I?

plue-chan, you're likely to find fame and fortune in the Social World

You're a natural bridge to any number of situations. Whether introducing one group of friends to another, or finding a way to get through to someone others have written off, you've got an exceptional knack for really connecting with ideas, concepts, and people.

Some might be attracted to your fun-loving charisma, others might prefer your thoughtfulness, and still others might find a champion in the way you fight for the underdog. Regardless, one thing is clear, you're a people person. So put it to use!

With your skills, you're most likely to find fame and fortune in a joint pursuit with others. If you love the challenge of getting 100 people to show up for a party, maybe event planning is something you should look into. If you prefer to talk the talk and generate buzz, maybe public relations is more up your alley. But if you have your own ideas, you just might want to start an outdoor adventure school for troubled kids or an international exchange program for families. Just remember: Your options are limitless.

So get out there! The world is waiting for the next reality show host, or gossip columnist, or family therapist, or motivational speaker, or...

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