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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stupid Finals

Wednesday. Feel like a veggie today. Moodless to do anything. Finals approaching. Real fast. And I am not doing anything. Not even studying. My life now is back to how it was before. Sleeping real late, and waking up way past lunch hour. That was during FCM. Now me in FOM also, I am behaving like this. When I behave like this, either I am under super stressful situation or I have already given up. I think it's the latter.

Rainy weather always bring back memories. Especially sad ones. I miss my parents. I complain about miss them a lot. I miss my sisters. I bully them miss them a lot. I miss my bed. I miss my comforter. I miss my ps2. I miss food back at home. I miss my friends back in hometown. I miss a lot of things and people back at home. I wanna go home~

Stupid finals. Because of finals, I can't go home. Why did you ever need to exist?

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