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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day.
Not in a mood for it.
Perhaps I am just too tired to even feel.
Yeah, I am happy to recieve flowers.
Gimme the right flowers and I will smile like as though I have recieve the greatest thing on earth.
Gimme the wrong ones and I will still smile like as though I have the greatest thing on earth. *again*
Just that very moment.
Then I will start telling you that it's not the kind of flowers I want.
Bla bla bla...
And I will remember that you gave me the wrong flowers for the rest of my life.
But actually I still love them.
Because it was given to me with a sincere heart.
Then I started thinking how I want to put the flowers in my tiny room.
Without a vase.
Small things can make my day.
Or break my day.
Somehow, it's more on the latter.
Got used to being a little emo everyday.
And it's gotten worse.
I start the day feeling a bit not-too-good.
And end the day with "i'm the lousiest person on earth" feeling.
By the way, I am feeling that way now.

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