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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I love blogging. I seriously love blogging. But sadly, I couldn’t find time to write it. Been busy everyday. Assignments. Assignments. ASSIGNMENTS! FREAKING ASSIGNMENTS! Now finals is coming up, haven’t started my studies. Bah! Damn exams! Whatever…


Ok. I admit. I am a shopping freak. YES! I AM A SHOPPING FREAK! Can’t understand or what? Ugh. People.

I am a shopaholic. I wanna buy a lot of stuffs. But have never been successful in getting what I want. Sigh. Sad isn’t it? Either I don’t have enough MONEY or I just don’t have the time to go or I am too picky and can’t get what I want. Which is worse? You pick.

Ah. Boring. I am so bored. Don’t ask me to study. Please.

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