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Friday, June 23, 2006

A Great Day

Well, it was a GREAT day.

Let's start at 7am okay? It'll be loooooooooooooooong....

Slept at 1.30am, woke up at 7am and then went to class at 7.45am.
Finish Malaysian Studies at 9am.
Went next door for MCC class. Class ended at around 10am, I think.
Went to the FCM bookshop to look for books.
Then I had iced Milo and chicken glutinous rice as breakfast at Dengkil.
Got back to campus at 11am.
Went to FOE building to try and change my OB lecture and tutorial section. It wasn't successful.
Went next door *again* for BMK class. Boring class ended at 1.45pm.
Went to Equine Park's JJ for a tour.
Bought my blusher brush (not exactly what I wanted, but it'll do), blusher and nail polish there.
Then went off to do my stuff.
A salesman came. Wanted to sell perfume. Didn't buy because I don't trust perfumes that can be bought for that kind of dirt cheap price.
And the worst thing is, he asked me whether am I a Japanese or not.
HAHAHAHAHA. *fakes a laughter*
I don't know what to say. Seriously.
Back at campus at 8. Met Larry at 8.15pm. Meeting with the SRC people at 8.30pm.
As usual, meetings are always late. And that meeting was no exception.


Now, the REAL fun begins!
Steamboat at Teck Fann's house!!!
The 9 of us, all girls, mostly from the same faculty and are coursemates, except for the 3 of them. But nevertheless, we had silly and stupid jokes, crazy chats, crazy Mario gaming and de-frosted ice cream!
Because no one knows why the freezer at Fann's house was in that mode and she herself didn't even know!
But anyway, it wasn't really a big deal.
Hooi Ting send us back to hostel.
We still laugh and talk like no one's business.
Call us crazy. Call us insane. But we don't care!
Well, it was sure a GREAT day, wasn't it?


Dear Mr. Salesman,

God, I know what's a eau de parfum okay? Don't think I am stupid! I AM NOT STUPID! I don't believe in your Mirage perfume. Why? Because I am a smart person and I know your perfume is FAKE! So don't try to sell me stuff like this, because I just won't buy them! Oh yeah, may I know which part of me look like a Japanese? What are you trying to say? Insulting me for not being too Chinese? Or are you trying to say that there are too many Japanese in this country and you can't speak Japanese and you need to speak in Mandarin to them? And you call yourself a salesman when you can't even speak Japanese to someone whom you think is a Japanese. Shame on you. Better study the Japanese language. Should be useful for you. That's all that I want to tell you, if you ever read this blog of mine. :)

Till then, I hope you don't meet any genuine Japanese out there!


I told you it would be long. Anyway, it was a great day. I really enjoyed it. All thanks to my lovely friends!

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