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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Money, Love, Beauty, Creativity

Friendster question: Choose one to have (love, beauty, creativity,

Here's my answer:

money... with money u can have beauty... with beauty u might find love... creativity... u
dun need it, u actually get ppl to be creative for u!)

It's my exact answer. Good thing about copy and paste. Haha.

Some people choose love. Love is precious. Very. In a world like this, finding someone who loves you beyond looks is difficult. Some people might be lucky enough to find one, but some never encounter them throughout their whole life.

Why didn't they encounter them? Was it because Lady Luck wasn't on their side? Or was it because of some factors that they weren't aware of? No matter how someone say that "I don't bother about looks", I can gurantee you, deep within their hearts, they are particular with their partner's looks. You think fat, ugly people don't care about how they look like? Actually they do! And they care more than all of us do! But they gave up on hope, because results wasn't visible or because of the lack of encouragement. So they just couldn't care less.

So to prove my theory, most of the fat or ugly or even already beautiful people *gasp* do they even need this? turn to plastic surgery. To be able to do plastic surgery, you need A LOT of money. And I do mean A LOT. You see how those actresses do liposuction, making their nose sharper, getting double eyelids and bla bla bla... the list goes on. When people are prettier, they tend to be confident of themselves. And when you are confident about how you look like, you radiate a certain kind of unique beauty in you. Then you find yourself falling in love, get married, have kids and stay happily forever. About the "staying happily forever" statement, it can be omitted because it doesn't work for everyone. I don't think I need to explain any further on this, you get my point, don't you? Smart people always think alike. Hah!

To further prove my theory, have you ever thought of why a company is so bloody successful? And why some work so hard but get only a fraction of what those successful companies are earning annually? First thing to clarify, both kind of companies work hard enough to get what they are earning, but the big companies got an extra oomph there. When you have extra money, you can afford to hire those BIG names to work for you. I am not saying those without fame are bad, but look at the truth, getting someone popular or someone bloody good to work for you is already a publicity itself. People are more aware of the stuff or services you are selling, and if you can get those famous people to do work for you, the stuff MUST be GOOD. And then they will fork out extra money to buy your stuff, and voila! Your revenue has just skyrocketed! If not how do you think those BIG companies hire those famous celebrities to launch their products or to become the spokesperson for the company? It's all publicity.

So going back to the most basic point, when you have money, things work wonders for you. I'm not trying to say that being in a slightly-not-so-rich position can't get things to work wonders for you, but it take a longer time and maybe more effort to get things to be done your way.

So I have just proved my theory.
Money can buy you almost anything!
I know I am smart.
Yes I am.

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