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Monday, August 28, 2006

Crazy Post~

I hate coming back to Cyber. You know, the intense pressure and the oh-so-famous killer workload can already make me being the biggest nutcase around.
Anyway, I really want some magic powers in me. Talk about day dreaming. Oh yeah, I love that. Haha.
Just want some magic to sweep away all my frustrations and workload and just relax till I get bored of relaxing.:P
I want some magic powers!!!
Anyone got any????


nomaikai said...

i need some magic also.Let me win big sweep,then nothing will be a problem already as you $ nen 4 de gui tui mou. :D
jia you lo.....

plue-chan said...

i oso wan ler...
u noe anyone got magic????

nomaikai said...

Mr Harry Potter but he is busy right now.Perhaps u can try ah/......... Mr Magic or Lao qian.. :P
however they will ask for ur $ and body ,be careful lo.. :))
Jia you,pressure cant beat u down de...Gambateh

plue-chan said...

i hope pressure dun beat me down la...