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Monday, August 14, 2006

Just A Piece

A week's holidays has since passed. I really love my holidays. I need them. To run away. From things that I am really afraid of. My Internet at home is a bit crazy, couldn't go online like I used to, well it doesn't matter anymore, since I am back in Cyber.

Got a new LCD and headphone. LCD had to be bought because my old monitor already confirm dead. Headphone is because of my mom, who took my old one and force me to buy a new one. Nothing else. Don't really feel like going shopping or doing anything, I just want to go home.


nomaikai said...

Wah, new LCD and headphone wo.. :D
how big is the LCD??? JEalous :(
your mum still wants handphone ma???i have 1 here, :P...kidding...apa model new phone??
i miss my holiday too...sien :D

plue-chan said...

she dowan handphone lo
lcd is only 17" la...
normal size...
really wanna go home soon~