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Monday, August 21, 2006

We'll See~

Been quite some time since I've updated here. I am getting more and more reluctant to on the PC and get myself online. Just don't feel like it. Once I on the PC and online, yahoo messenger starts to "ping" and "ding-dong" all the way... It's funny though, imagine how I used to love to go online... But now? Thanks but no thanks. I still like to online, but minus the headaches. :P

I now prefer to do other stuff than just online. It's just so... irritating at times.

I guess... I'm changing...

For the better or worse... we'll see~


nomaikai said...

hahahahaha....It is normal because president needs to settle a lot of things.My friend did it before too. He is Engsoc president.You cant see him online as he tells me once his acc is on,everybody will message him until he feels very fustrated.Hence, he is always invi. After retiring, can see him online back.Life is like that lo,:D.Be strong and take up the resposibility. JIa you....:)

plue-chan said...

just jia you only lo
wat else can i do or say?

EwA said...

Gambatte? :D

plue-chan said...


i miss u~~~
bila la balik ni?