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Friday, October 13, 2006

Boosted Version :P

Anyone missed me?

Finally exams are over!

*shouts crazily*

Been messing up with makeup recently. Oh my god, I sure love them! Wahahahaha~
Done 2 FOTDs and have posted it up. I've got great comments from the girls and am really quite happy and proud of myself since I'm such a noob in makeups. I've always thought of my lashes as short, but they say it's long. I've always thought that my lashes was not nicely curled, but they say it is nicely curled. I've always thought of my complexion as dull and sallow, but they say it look healthy and pinky and smooth and shining. I've always thought of my lips is too big and thick, but they say it's sexy. I've always thought of myself as ugly and getting uglier day by day, but they say I'm sexy.

Hurm... perhaps... I should really have more confidence in myself. Bleh... whatever. Doesn't help much most of the time.

Till then, I show you guys 2 pictures of me. Photoshopped!

nice ler? muahahahahah~

Signing off. Going home tomorrow~ Oh yeah!


gs20 said...

me! I missed you!

plue-chan said...

ah beng.......
me miss u too!
how's working life anyway?