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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I hate finals you know. Who doesn't? Ugh~ Another paper at 2.30pm, then I have one day off. Friday 2.30pm, Saturday 2.30pm then no papers till the next Wednesday and Thursday! Wah!!!! Why can't they just put it on Monday and Tuesday!!!! Then I can go home and go do shopping already!!! Geram sial!!!


nomaikai said...

hahahaha...if like that nobody can study finish lo.. :D...It is like that normally la...nobody like exam, tapi apa nah buat other than sitting for it?? :P..
jia you lo...gambateh....
malaysia boleh ,engkau pun boleh.... BOLEH BOLEH BOLEH, BOLEH BOLEH :P

plue-chan said...

malaysia forever boleh wan la
wat oso boleh