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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Now only I notice, my blog is already 3 years old. I started the blog somewhere around 2004, after I joined MMU. Since then, the blog has gone through a number of changes and this is what you guys finally see now. I really should be studying for my exam, but I am just too bloody lazy already. My eyes are tired from those tiny words and my whole body is aching * i wonder is it just my mental problem or is it really my body aching * Anyway, I went through some of my old archives, my 2004 archives are gone!!!!!!!!



1 whole year of blog entries gone!

How can this happen!!!! And shit, I didn't keep any soft copies on my own~~~~~~~~

Cry me a river...

No use. It won't help anyway. I'll remember to keep a softcopy next time. You bloggers out there remember that too.

No mood already. Tata.

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