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Thursday, November 16, 2006


I've not been updating my blog regularly, been busy with classes, group discussion and stuff like that. You guys know what it's like to be a university student right? I'm learning French now, the lecturer, well, you can say he's a hottie, because all my other lecturers are old and not really good looking. I doubt they were good looking when they were young. But still, the best lecturers and teachers out there are always the old ones. Sigh, miracles don't happen often do they?

Anyway, yesterday my dear friends had a suprise birthday party for me and another friend. There are some pictures, but I haven't got them yet, so I'll update with pictures later :P

Gotta run to do my friendster surveys! Long time didn't do and my hand is itchin'! By the way, I need my retail theraphy~ And weekend is soon to come! Going out this Saturday with Pui Yi and Victor, *smiles* they remembered my b-day~~~ *touched*

Emo sial~ better stop! Tata!


Nyokk said...

woah learning french ... bonjour, cava? :p

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by, and Happy Belated Birthday!

plue-chan said...


bonjour! sa va bien?

plue-chan said...

tze lun

thanks dear!

Nyokk said...

haha ca va bien merci beaucoup et toi? :p

plue-chan said...

moi aussi!
but my french sucks
only started 2 weeks ago
i only noe limited stuff~
can u teach me pweety please??? :P

Nyokk said...

plue, you know what? I think ur better than me ahhaha coz I took just for few months maybe 3? and that was 2 years ago and and .. I failed.

So erm .. je ne parlez pas francais, should be the other way haha .. teach me at the same time practise hahah .. :p oops

plue-chan said...

we learn from each other loo
i'm taking this as an extra subject
i doubt i can pass it
always forget their pronounciation :P

Nyokk said...

hhaha that's gonna be great then ;) hehe anyway ganbateh you can do it :)

plue-chan said...

we gambade together la :P