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Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Birthday To Myself~

First thing I wanna say...


Finally I'm 20 years old. And still being the same old me. Never really change a lot although I've been working rather hard to make some changes. Tommorow, oops! I mean tonight I'll be having a nice dinner. Let's pray hard that I get the right cardigan to match my dress~~~

I've longed for such a dress and finally I got it and at an extremely cheap price too! Now I want my b-day prezzies~~~~~ What do you think I'll get this year?

But... it's not really that important~ I'm just happy enough to know people remembers my birthday~~

Thanks to all who remembered... :)
Love you guys loads! Muacks!


Nyokk said...

happy birthday girl

plue-chan said...

thanks dear!

nomaikai said...

happy belated birthday

plue-chan said...

thanks dear~
happy to noe u still come to my site :)

nomaikai said...

ter-ingat ur birthday
but is too late...hahahahahaha,...cos is free recently,supervisor is on leave. so surfing around lo.. :D

plue-chan said...

thanks yeah :)